We haven’t spoken since Sunday. Since I found out what he really thought of me. We still haven’t actually. If he needs something from me it’s “Tell your daughter blah blah..” and she’ll ask as if she’s the one who needed my help. If I need something, Well I’d just rather stick it out on my own.

There’s been nothing but silence and only a glance if unavoidable. So I’m not sure how to respond to today.. He hugged me.

If you knew this man and how he was, you’d understand how much of an enormous deal this was for the both of us. I had just gotten home from a meeting and when I was walking to the kitchen He just stopped me in the hallway. First thought was oh great here comes another argument, but no. He just..hugged me. I wasn’t sure how to respond or how to feel about it and I still don’t. It wasn’t a half ass hug either, we stood there for a while and he squeezed me.

Yet still no words have been exchanged. I’m just not sure how to take that. Like I said If you knew this man, you’d know any type of affection from him is almost non-existent, rare.

I’m So confused.

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