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  1. A cut is a line of coke. Self medication for the insane, for the in pain. A cut is a shot of whiskey to smooth over an issue, a feeling. A cut is not so bad. We all do it in our own way. as a child I once ate a whole coloring book to wash away the bad coloring job I did so it would be gone and forever more never more. A cut is eating a coloring book.

  2. You need to change your name, dear. And hating yourself (instead of others) is not an option. You are a child of God just as they are. It hurts God when you hate yourself or hurt yourself. He loves you infinitely. Open your heart to Him and let Him begin to heal your deep pain. I am sorry for your suffering, and I will pray for happiness in your future.
    Bless you! – Grace

  3. Oh my, oh dear. I have no idea if you are actually cutting or not…how can I? I totally understand I mean I’ve thought about the how and the why and I see how one’s mental anguish could be so deep that physical pain would be better, kind of wash it away. That said…this is NOT an option. If you are cutting please dear child listen to saved and get some help!

  4. I mean, whatever you need to get by and make yourself feel okay. I don’t think self-harm is inherently bad. It’s you being unhappy with yourself that’s bad. I know it’s cliche, but there’s a lot of damn fun stuff to do in life, and if you get out there and explore, I think you’ll find things to make you happy.

  5. Well the problem with self-harm is it really doesn’t make you feel GOOD or happy per say just relieves the other pain, briefly. Plus enough self-harm impacts your health, maybe your life which limits your opportunity to get out there and do that damn fun stuff and find things to make you happy! 😉 Go eat some ice cream (my favorite cliche)

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