A suicide..

I haven’t written any entry for 3 days.. because last Wednesday I don’t feel like writing anything, the following day I suffered from a terrible toothache up to the point that I was crying because it really hurts but thanks to the medicine.. I should have it removed but I can’t yet coz it still hurts a bit.. and yesterday I was reviewing for exams.. 

I decided to write an entry today because of two reasons.. first is because it’s been three days since my last entry and second is because i had a horrible experience and i can’t get it out of my head.. 

So.. after our exams.. we decided to go to the mall.. it was 5 of us.. we went to the quantum.. then wof.. we always do that after exams or whenever we don’t have classes in the afternoon.. we were  having lots of fun.. we decided to roam around for a while before we go home.. it was only past 2pm.. we stopped by at a dvd store… when we heard a very loud thud.. so we looked to where it came from.. and we saw a man lying on the floor..  we were  shocked.. at first we thought he collapsed but then we realized that he jumped off from the 3rd floor.. I was nearly crying.. I was nauseous and I felt dizzy seeing that.. there were  a few policemen and security guard in the area and they responded quickly.. they covered the man and we saw someone tried to revive him.. a lot of questions came to us.. we were  walking finding a bench to sit and process everything we saw.. it all happened so fast but it comes back to my mind in slow motion..  I still remember everything.. 

I heard it from the news earlier.. they said that last Tuesday night.. he also attempted to commit suicide.. but the guards were  able to stop him.. the reason why he committed suicide is because of a woman.. and because he doesn’t have any more money.. and he have debt in every hotel that he stayed in.. he was a foreign national.. if I remembered it correctly he was German.. 

I never expected that I would witness something like that.. how we wish we didn’t saw that.. but we can’t undo it.. 

I still have exams tomorrow so I did this so early coz I have to review.. I wish I could.. 

Today was supposed to be just fun.. but we happened to witness something horrible.. it will always be a part of our memory now.. 

I really can’t think of taking my life.. coz in the first place i don’t own it.. I really don’t think of suicide as a solution.. it was the worst thing I ever witnessed..


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  1. some people experience things that others can’t even begin to visualize or experience.But this should be an eye opener to you and your friends that not everyone in life has the same problems as you and not everyone in this world can be happy.As a former person of multiple suicide attempts it is not easy and i can’t even begin to tell you how it feels when you are just that low to the point were you would rather end your own life to erase all the pain and hurt or to run from the pain it’s a scary place to be.What you can do is be as supportive as you can to people like this and try to be there friends and ask them how there day is going to show them that they aren’t alone.

  2. I agree with Jordyn. Honey you witnessed a terrible thing, what a shock to your whole nervous system. Give yourself time to grieve and feel what you feel. As the days pass, you will feel stronger again and it will not be so terrifying forever. It will fade in time.

  3. That must have been traumatic for you. remember, there is no shame in asking for help to get over what you witnessed
    sending positive energy.

  4. Thanks for the concerns.. I really appreciate it.. I feel better now.. though I still remember everything.. but I know I’ll be fine.. I’ll get over it.. I know.I will.. thanks to you all a lot!

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