Being Alone is Ok, But Not Always the Best

I have been single for quite some time now. Yeah, the single life is fine and all, but so is being in a relationship. Here’s the thing though, I have standards. I don’t just settle for the first guy that comes up to me and tells me he likes me. I have a list of qualities I look for in a potential mate for not only as a significant other, but for a future husband and father.

For one, I’m Catholic, so I would hope the man I’m supposed to be with would respect that and maybe even be Catholic also. It would just make it easier to teach our children a certain religion without having to argue what practices should we teach our children, as well as continue the traditions of my family to my children.

Second, I would APPRECIATE someone who could FLUENTLY speak Spanish. You don’t understand, ever since I was a little kid I was always a translator for my parents. Sometimes it was embarrassing having to explain a topic or joke to them or my friends and getting these blank stares back at me. I want my man to be able to communicate with my family and have them build a relationship with each other, especially my dad. Mostly to give him a piece of mind that the man I am with is respectful and good enough for his little girl.

Third, romanticism is a must. I am all about The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, The Breakfast club, etc. I want to be surprised with small gestures and random acts of affection, and I also enjoy doing it back! I want a man who will always remember to tell me he loves me at least once a day, just like I would do for them.

Fourth, a man must respect the values and traditions of the Hispanic culture. If by SOME miracle I end up with a man that holds all the qualities I seek and IS NOT Hispanic, they have to understand that my culture and traditions are important to me and my family. I would do the same and respect theirs, but I would hope they would want to participate and learn.

These are a few qualities of a man I look for. Some of you may be thinking that THIS CHICK IS CRAAAAAAAAZY. I may be, but I know what I want! As you can see, I still haven’t met my guy yet, and it sucks…but I’d rather be a single pringle, than be in the wrong relationship with the wrong guy. So while most of you will be getting pregnant, having kids, getting married, moving in with your significant others, and all that jazz; I’ll just be in my panda onesie watching Netflix and chilling, BY MYSELF. 

3 thoughts on “Being Alone is Ok, But Not Always the Best”

  1. Thank you! You’re athe first! Most guys when they ask what I’m looking for, I tell them this and then they just stop talking to me because they think I’m too shallow or picky .

  2. You aren’t crazy. I think it’s important to have standards. You want someone to share your life with and you included that in the qualities in a partner that you’d like. Makes perfect sense to me.

    I’m Hispanic as well (really only half). My dad could never understand my mom’s family. The language barrier created some tension. I married a non Hispanic man and again, at family gatherings it’s hard for him to effectively communicate or form his own relationships with my mom’s side of the family. Ironically tho… my kids call him Papi and that means the world to me.

  3. Awww that’s really cute! And see I don’t want that to happen in my family. I only have a few family here in the states and all I have is them since most of them are in Mexico. My family is real close so I want them to communicate with one another and grow our culture. I just I find someone for me.

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