Coffee dates

I don’t know how to start this. Let me just complain right quick about how I don’t know how to start today’s journal. I have some things that I want to talk about but starting it is hard.

So as soon as I got home today my mom told me she was going to the store and she told me she would pick me up some Starbucks. I can’t tell you how long I have been longing for a coffee. I am getting more espresso pods this weekend so I can make coffees. Do you want to know what would be a rad date in my opinion? A great date in my opinion would be going to a nice home like coffee place and sitting and talking for a while. I would absolutely love that. I get two amazing things out of it, a beautiful girl and an amazing coffee. I can’t tell you which I would enjoy more but just to be safe let’s say the girl. I have some other cool date ideas but that one is the easiest to accomplish. I would like to go on top of a large hill or mountain with a great view and sleep in the back of the truck while enjoying the view and the beautiful stars.

So we started to have a small blizzard today, actually not too long ago. The weird part is that just two days ago it was like 70 degrees outside. I don’t know how this happens but NC’s weather is probably the most bipolar weather in the entire world. Of course the first thing I do is get on twitter to see if anybody else was seeing it or it was just my imagination getting the best of me. My twitter page was loaded with people talking about the snow and how the weather is weird and everything else. I didn’t like I needed to post anything about the snow just because everybody and their third cousin had already heard about it.

So I have been somewhat on the lookout for a girlfriend. That is beyond hard to do just because I’m beyond picky. You already know that because I created an entire journal on what I look for. But none the less I am torn between looking for someone and staying single. My last relationship literally messed me up so bad and I don’t even want to start on that because I can literally write a book on the subject. I kind of like being single. I don’t have any restrictions and obligations that I might have with another relationship. But at the same time I miss the feeling of being in a relationship. So I guess I will let fate play its role in life and keeping living life.

So I have been sitting here just looking around my room and texting someone trying to figure out what I should continue writing about. I had like a million topics in my head but while I was talking about coffee they all slowly went away. I guess that is my mind telling me that my journal is getting a bit long. So I think I will just end it here. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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  1. I have always thought the perfect date would be star gazing. Reading this I started thinking star gazing on a slightly chilly night with a hot cup of coffee.

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