Day 7 – Nail Ripping, Fighting, School and Hair

Thursday, March 3rd 2016

I’m slowly yet surely beating my addiction of ripping my nails off once they get long enough. Apparently this is something my mother used to do, but I inherited it. Whenever the white of my nails are long enough, I’d rip them off, but I have always striven to keep them long enough to properly use nail polish. I’ve decided to target the annoying nail-ripping to my toes, because it is winter and no one will see them anytime soon, anyway. Because of that, my nails are the longest I have ever had them, which isn’t very long. But now and then I will rip away at them, like my pinkie for example who has zero white.

Other than that possibly very boring bit, I haven’t seen much today other than a couple of guys fighting, unfortunately one of them someone I know that lives nearby, a brother of one of my brother’s friends. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t bullying, because there is next to zero physical bullying at my school, only verbal, not that I saw anyway. Usually when guys fight like that, it’s either because they had a disagreement or they are doing it for fun. Why, I don’t know. But I always get bumped whenever there is a fight no matter how much I try to go around them. I was bumped into my best friend and she held up her arm so I don’t tip her over.

I swear teachers make meetings just to decide to give tests or quizzes to students on the same day. Monday I have an English test on our book, a science quiz on “les déplacements simples, les déplacements doubles et les synthèses” which probably translates to “the simple and double displacements and the synthesis” in English. I don’t know English terms for English schools, because I go to a French one. I should probably learn them one day, because I do plan to go at an English college. Oh, back to the topic: English test, science quiz, math test and English featured article all due on Monday. The only thing that I’m not evaluated on is art and French. Luckily, it’s not as bad as last semester, where I had math, history, accounting and career cruising/citizenship tests/quizzes every week.

I went to get a trim about half an hour ago and the hairdresser was speaking to my mom and saying how quiet I am, which is very true. I don’t speak often to people I don’t know unless I am spoken to, even then I’d just answer with a “yes”, a “no” or a smile if they said a joke. They were speaking about how curly my hair gets with the humidity and my mom claimed my hair looked like an afro when we went on vacation a couple of years ago, so then they laughed about it and my mother said that she will show her a picture of how my hair looked. Why do mothers do this? Why do they embarrass us like that? Haha, oh well. I won’t be seeing my new hairdresser until a couple of months, so she would most likely forgot by then.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Good luck on beating your nail-ripping habit–I’m sure you can quit it soon. I used to gnaw on my nails, but I stopped the habit after a few months of struggles, so I can totally feel where you’re coming from now.

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