Down Down Under a philosophical thing.

    Way down deep under the ocean in the deeps darkest corner of my mind there is cave full of never ender fire of blue and the emerald. I found this place of wonder shortly after my death. When I awoke I could smell something different in the air, something strange and cunning. My blood felt like poison and I liked it. What a gift a true and unusual gift to bequeath. Somethin unholy was in the water which I have passed through and retained. Could this be am I alive have I finally discovered the unsafe feeling of freedom I have always only visited in theory.

Beyond the fire there is no end, no beginning, no light nor darkness. There only is what is what I can not begin to put into words. though I can explain the feeling.  Like violent crashing waves of calmness. The blinding sight that made my body shiver to coma and rocked me to a storm like no other storm before. This storm was yellow and bright and retained no light.  Silly isn’t it color with out light. That’s not even possible and yet it happened I can see it now still with my own three eyes. Burning me with salt and ice. A burn I would beg for a burn untold of always to be seen.

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. Oh but how wrong one can be. Eyes are only eyes and nothing more. You can see the emotion around the skin as they wrinkle in a smile or tear in woe and joy. You can even see the gleam HALLEUJAH HALLEUJAH!!! in victory of shocking gain and excitement. Still these are only emotions. The soul is beyond emotion, beyond good and evil, light and dark.

There are no old souls or new souls. The soul is not man. Man has created time. The soul knows no time. The soul is timeless. The soul has always been and always will be. 

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