Just typed up directions on how you guys can find me here.  Had to test it several times and guess what it WORKED.  Does that now quality me as tech savy.  Hey had a programming class in college.  It was a 5 week, 4 day per week M-Th class during the summer and I had never ever experienced a migraine headache before.  Monday afternoon until Saturday morning extreme migraine.  Put that sucker on pass/fail immediately. 

New house rules according to the husband.  I must flush the toilet in my bathroom TWICE after each use.  This is to avoid the dreaded “backsplash.”  Wash my hands in my bathroom ONLY THREE TIMES EVERYTIME.  Never wash hands in the kitchen.  Only use your own kitchen utensils and when finished using them place them on the cooktop and the husband will disinfect them and wash them probably the magic number of THREE TIMES.  My clothes launder separately in hot water please and like 2 pods at least.  My garbage goes in my garbage can in my bedroom.  Okay I can deal with this shit.  I hope you are finding some humor in all of this even though this is all true and not exaggerated.  1:05 and the dreaded shot is getting closer.  OH HELL.

Just remembered something at chemo.  Got a cloggy throat.  Just all that extra liquid going into the veins.  No big issue.  Just kept clearing throat which isn’t too good as it may cause a slight sore throat.  IMPORTANT RULE:  Drink, drink drink, Pee, pee, pee, Get this poison out of me.  This my friends is my new cheer.  Remind me sometimes OK.  Well let me use the bathroom where I will flush twice and wash three times.  This journal can’t be ALL SERIOUS.  I have to make you laugh sometimes.   And remember I don’t give a rat’s ass or the rat either (right Danka?)

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