Not really sure

Why is life so freaking hard.?Today is March 3 and it is currently 9:37am.I…..I just don’t know anything anymore and i am so freaking scared because i don’t know what i honestly want to do with my life and at this point i am way to scared about what i want to do i would rather be on the side of the street than become what i really want to be which is a trauma surgeon or a CNA. Right now i feel like crying,I have all these built up emotions bottled up inside of me and everyone always tells me it is going to be okay but when is it really going to be freaking  okay.I can’t keep doing this  i feel like i am fighting something that isn’t even there.i don’t know i feel like i am talking out the side of my neck.i have way to many emotions right now and i am way to stressed out with school trying to get my grades right for my mom because if it was me i would drop out i just don’t care about life  anymore like honestly i wish i would have tried harder to kill myself but now there is no use because  i am freaking stuck in this of piece of shit life i have.

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  1. Awww… sounds like you could just use a really big time out away from everything.Try to breath.
    You may not have a way “out” today or tomorrow, but with persistence and time it will happen. Just try breaking things down into the simplest ways possible… eventually it’ll all come together. Hang in there.

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