Please, Whatever You Do, Don’t Forget That

A letter to me disguised as a letter to you,
I feel as if I need to tell you my thoughts as they come to mind. Tonight I had a setback, a small one, but still a set back. Sometimes I feel that all my hard work will pay off. Sometimes, that hard work doesn’t pay off in the short run and it is very discouraging. Life is full of triumphs and failures, all seeming so much more important than the last. I guess what i’ve realized is that whatever powerful sense your feeling, whether it is regret, happiness, anger, or joy, that emotion will be felt in its entirety only in the present moment.  I’ve learned to live in the present, but always remember that the present is the shortest amount of time that we have. Some of us have a long period of time called the past, yet hopefully a longer period of time called the future. Enjoy the present, but also don’t let any moment completely consume you, because it too is gone in an instant. We live to learn. Whether the moment is enjoyable, or not, we learn to take past experiences and build upon them to better ourselves, or even the people around us. Each and everyone of us is an inspiration. An inspiration to our friends, our family’s, our neighbors, our superiors, our coworkers, and even to ourselves. If you don’t make the most out of this life how can you possibly live up to your full potential? You and everyone close to you will suffer from the effort you don’t put in. That thought is not morbid, but the truth. Make the most of every moment, of every hour, of every day, and  every year. No matter the religion, we each live this life once, so really try to at least make an effort. You need to understand that to someone, you are the world. The life you lead, the words you say, means more than you could ever understand. Take it from a friend: you need to live this life for me, for them, for us, and at the end of the day, for you.  Please, whatever you do, don’t forget that. 

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