Thursday March 3, Oh my, oh my

Hmmm…what to write about?  I need to make a list of sorts.  So many thoughts floating about in my mind that I want to write about…love, redemption, this FUBAR world…or is it really after all?   Hope and Faith are real.  The little stuff, the big stuff. Loss and grief…oh yeah that is ever, ever present in my life right now.  And bits and pieces and the whole enchilada when it comes to my dear mom’s story.  Crap not quite a month…4 weeks tomorrow really?  Four weeks is by far I’m sure the longest I’ve gone without speaking to my mom ever in my entire 63 years on earth…shoot without seeing her in the last decade.  So it already feels like forever.  Then it dawns on me this is forever.  Oh my, oh my, what shall I do?  Carry on. That is what I must do.  What we all gotta do.  One foot in front of the other.  Frank and I had a motto when mom was so sick…”Just get through the God Damn Day” (well that was his motto mine was “Just get through the fucking day” because I didn’t want to take the Lord’s name in vain but you get the picture)

Anyhow, it looks like our motto at this point has not really changed at all.


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