You’re hurting me

You hurt ME.Not physically but verbally and mentally you hurt me.I’ll never be good enough for you or her.You think you are giving me the best love and care but you aren’t because your killing me.You tear me apart when you aren’t happy or when you have a shitty day,you tear me apart over little things through out the day you hurt me.You leave me in tears with the words that you say,you’re the reason i don’t want my heart to beat.I try and try not to say anything at all keeping my thoughts and pain inside but you can’t see that you’re hurting me.When i’ve had a bad day or i am sad and afraid i thought you were suppose to be the hero and wipe my tears away but instead you hurt me.You hurt your daughter because you love her at least that’s what you call it.I want to go away but i know the pain will only follow.I have cut my self and tried suicide and you still can’t see that you’re fucking hurting me.What else do i have to show you mom and dad that you’re hurting me.

2 thoughts on “You’re hurting me”

  1. Try asking them for family counseling?
    Write them a letter?
    Before you go to school in the morning leave the link for your journal to find?
    Talk to an adult at school.

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