A Friend

Growing up, I didn’t have many friends. I had the occasional friend I’d talk to at times, but never really someone I could call at 2 am crying. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember, and this is why I never have birthday parties. (No one ever came). However, since I’ve been in college, I’ve come to understand and really experience what it’s like to have real friends. I finally have friends who want to go places with me, hang out and do homework together, and even let me stay with them when I am too tired to drive home. It’s odd having people in my life who actually want to contribute time together. It feels different, but I enjoy every second of it. I’m just glad I finally have people I can talk to and know that they’ll help me when I fall.

It’s kind of a touchy subject for me to talk about, just remembering all the nights alone on a Friday, looking on Facebook and seeing everyone out having a good time with their friends. I wish I had those memories to share, but I also came to realize that most of those friends those people have, aren’t even friends with each other anymore. I only have one friend I still talk to from High School. I can honestly talk to her about everything, and we don’t even have to talk everyday. We could go on for weeks without talking, and she or I will call each other up and plan to hang out and catch up. THOSE are the moments I will cherish, and that is a friend I know I will always have.

I value friendship so much. I value the friends I made here in college, and I wouldn’t change any of them for any reason. So for those of you who have one or no friends, don’t give up. Someday you will have at least that one person who will pick you up when you fall. Someday you will have those people in your life who will make memories for you to recall in your later years to come. One day, you will have what I have and I hope it’ll feel as warm and loving as it does for. Don’t Give Up!

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