Day 5 – Or, Are We There Yet?

Short answer: no – not by a long shot. 

We have two, very, very kind people who have decided to donate. I recognize what an imposition it is to ask my friends and family for money. And, for the most part, I’m getting the response that I expected: nothing…


So, one might ask, are we there yet?

No, I repeat. We are not there… yet.


But, we can get there ! There are still many days ahead, and lots of work to be done.

I recognize that I focus on the wrong things to distract myself from the real issues at hand. It’s something that people call… it starts with a ‘P’, some word that starts with a ‘P’, that means you’re avoiding the topic at hand, and don’t want to do it even though you know you should…








I tend to avoid real work and supplement it with “fake” work. For example, I could be busting my butt trying to sell and market this indiegogo project. Instead, I’m working on the PLMC blog, building my own website, finding employment and educational opportunities and trying to get wooed instead of doing the wooing.


Life is so strange.


What we focus on, what we like to do, what we live for. I see my parents and their love for television – entertainment holds such high value for some people. I need to recognize that by completing this indiegogo campaign, I am adding entertainment value to the world (ostensibly). However, there is the slight chance that I’m just stealing people’s money to make bad art…


Let’s hope that’s not the case.


Let’s hope I can stop asking, “Are We There Yet?” and learn some patience through the pain of hard-work and dedication.

One thought on “Day 5 – Or, Are We There Yet?”

  1. If you dream it, you can achieve it. Lame, right? But true.
    Sometimes as silly as it may sound, the fear of success can hold us back and cause us to procrastinate, finding busy and safe work to keep us distracted from doing exactly what we need to be doing to make the art that this world is in desperate need of.
    You can toss a coin in any direction and find IT people, nurses, doctors, teachers, etc. but true artists? Dreamers of the dreams that are made of substance? Those are the people we NEED. Stop holding out on the world, and get to it already.
    As a wise guy once said “Plan A: Make enough money from music to buy food. Plan B: There is no plan B.” Do that. Oh and EFF critics, and anyone that shoots down your dreams.

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