Dont get safty and freedom mixed up

    I hate when I question what our troops are fighting for and they say our “freedom”. People seem to get safety and freedom mixed up. Yes in America we a safer from many things other countries are not, except pollution, obesity, unhealthy food and poverty of course. However America is not free. I am not an asshole I am just simply looking at the cold hard facts. America I number one in three things, obesity, incarceration and laws. Yes you heard me correctly America “the land of the free’ has more laws then any other country. on the list of freest countries in the world America does not even make in the list of top ten in fact we are way down at number 20!!! I am not saying you can not be grateful to live here or have to be “anti-American” but at least look at and admit the truth. America is not a free country or the land of the free. America is one of the most heavily patrolled countries in the would proving quit the opposite of freedom. Stop blindly believing what ever you are told do some fair honest studying on both sides of the fence and also look around you using common sense and your own mind. Sure we may feel safe here and no one is getting burned at the steak for being gay “thank God!” but we are not as free as you think you know as you are taught. Sometimes in order to gain freedom one must give up safety. I would make the payment of possible safety for true freedom and others would not. either choice is okay equally okay. All I am asking is lets just be honest about it.

3 thoughts on “Dont get safty and freedom mixed up”

  1. You can be free in numerous other countries, they just don’t use “freedom” as their claim to fame. In reality we’re a policed country fueled by greed. Sad truths.

  2. Ah fueled by greed…very true. I think I need to ponder your post more but most certainly absolutely we give up freedom to be safe, um just look at how our world had changed since 9/11.
    Now as to obesity…seriously…I think um it doesn’t matter you are pretty much free to eat what and when you want.
    But yes…like your thought process on how we give up freedoms i.e. liberties to be safe…very on target in my opinion!

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