Dreams of colleagues

Pat :-

I’ve dreamed of Pat twice recently. Pat is one of my bosses. He’s a mystery. He doesn’t chit-chat with us; us, as in low-level staff. He doesn’t even smile that much, you can say he’s scary & intimidating in general. I’m sure a lot of people will agree. Anyway, in my dreams, he’s very friendly and seems to be fond of me and vice versa. We took a picture together with others and he chose to stand next to me. What does it mean? Do I subconsciously like him in real life?? Or do I want him to like me? 


I find John very attractive but I don’t want anything to do with him in real life. He’s a married man with 2 children. I even admire him because I know he’s a faithful man. The thing is I’ve had sexual dreams of him. That made me feel very guilty. The most awkward part is I see John at work everyday and I can’t help feeling so embarrassed that I can’t even look him in the eyes sometimes.


There’s NO way I’m attracted to Thomas. But unfortunately I’ve also had sexual dreams of him. Like John, he’s also married with 2 children. I don’t get why I had such dreams of Thomas. He’s a nice guy but I woke up feeling disgusted. 


He’s a decent looking guy. I’ve bumped into him a couple of times in the same area… funny thing is neither of us lives in that area. That made me wonder. Maybe because of that, I’ve also dreamed of him. In my dreams, we were getting married. I remember the feeling of uncertainty even after I said yes. So I had to call the wedding off right before it happened. 

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