Friday Night (kinda) thoughts.

I’m listening to the Two Door Cinema Club on Pandora while realizing this thought. Anyways here goes. This is my first entry on this here journal thing, and I’m already complaining lol sorry. My family needs to be rich already. My mom’s in debt and we’re struggling to pay rent. My Dad gets paid a joke. We need to have a nice big house, with no worries. The only worry we need is to not know what to wear, what to eat that day, or what to do because we have so much money. I need my education! I need to study hard to help my mother and father with their expenses. I can’t live this terrible low income family life. I don’t belong in it. Fuck this shit. I need my own job. Take education serious. Take care of my amazing parents who’ve done everything for me! Hell, they even gave me a trip to Europe! Yes that’s right I said fucking Europe. It’s only 16 days away! Well, 15 and a couple of hours. I just want to avoid the struggle. Constantly worrying how my mom is going to pay back all her debts. I’m doing this for my MOM & DAD! I’m so glad I’m making you guys proud. I never realized how much I’ve had. I’ve always been ungrateful and still am to this day. I’m slowly trying to be grateful for everything they’ve given me. I ask for something and my parents always try and give it to me, late but still manage to do it. Always infuriated when they never gave me what I wanted. I’m a semi-spoiled fucking brat. But still grateful for my beautiful amazing one of a kind parents! And I know I’ve told you in your face “I wish I had different parents” or “Why couldn’t we just be a rich family” but I was just frustrated and took it out on the both of you and that’s so unfair of me. IM SO SORRY AGAIN MOM AND DAD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Can’t wait until Spring Break 2016! This is kind of long but yeah BYE 😘 

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