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I hate thinking the fact that i always write sad journals so i will make this one happy when i was the happiest in my life.

Alright so we went to Daytona,Florida and our hotel was literally on the beach and we had an amazing view. Well we were going to stay down there for a good 2 weeks so why not make the most of it right,well the first day we arrived we unpacked,went out to eat,came back and walked around the hotel and walked along the beach.Well at this hotel it was so freaking fun they had a movie theater and a shopping center and put-put and restaurants all in the hotel it was so freaking coll sorry i am boring you i will fast forward to the fun parts of my trip.We got there Monday morning and about Wednesday me and a couple of my friends decided lets hang out with these guys  and they were freaking hilarious so pretty much the whole trip we hung out with these guys  there were 4 of them and 4 of us the 4 guys names were Tate,Brenton,Colby,and Austin and then there was us 4 Me,Chloe,Chelsea,Brittany,Carter and so anyways Wednesday afternoon we went to the movies and put-putting,then later on that night we played truth or dare and it was so funny so Brenton and Austin were the crazy ones and i dared them to to strip naked and run down the peer  and you bet your ass they did it i was laughing so hard then Tate dared carter and i to strip down to our underwear and bra and walk around the shopping center and then go in the movies and sit on someones lab and you bet your ass we did.Then randomly after carter and i did are dare some creepy ass old man came up and asked us for our number and i asked him do you want to go to jail tonight lol. After everyone completed there dares and truths 3 other people cam up to us and were saying that they thought we were really cool and fun to hang out with and they really didn’t have anyone to do the things we did so Tate was telling them no and i was like yeah sure you guys can hang with us and there names were Brody,Ashlyn,and Jonathan and we all just had fun we went in the center of the mall and set firecrackers off and smoke bombs and you would think we would get in trouble for it but people started taking videos and running through the different color smoke bombs.We pretty much were wild and everyone had a crush on someone from our group i had a crush on Tate and Tate had a crush on me ,Brenton and Chelsea liked each other,Colby and Brittany ,Chloe and brody,carter and Jonathan,ashlyn and Austin we all went on dates and things it was just amazing.We all stayed in the same hotel and took turns staying at each other hotel room and all of our parents knew about each other and hung out it was freaking rad man.This was the happiest moment of my life. The second to last night me and tate kissed yeah i know i was so freaking happy and then other things happened between us and other couples and fast forward and then  the last day came and we were all so sad to go and some guy made like a bonfire in the sand and we all sat out there by the fire and talked about what we loved most about each other and  our favorite moment and a memory we would never forget and then people started throwing sand and everyone had a sand fight we ran in the ocean and spent the time laughing and building more memories.Then Morning came and it was time for us to go we took pictures together and we each got a feather tattoo yes a real and yes the guys got one to and if you are thinking we did this without permission then no our parents allowed it and they all signed paper work and we all got matching tattoos and ate then we  said our goodbyes and left each other and now all i have left is the memories and this amazing tattoo we all got. 

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