let’s try this again

Alright, so I joined this thing last night and typed a decent sized paragraph explaining why I was here and it didnt save. So I will try it again. basically I have kept a handwritten journal for the past couple of years and it is starting to look like shit. Its frayed, stained, beat up and while I think it makes it a lil more beautiful,  I feel like my words are going to disappear from the abuse. So I am going to transcribe everything and put it here. It will probably be a daunting and mildly exhausting task, as well as emotional and tedious, but it needs to happen. And honestly, who the fuck is going to read this anyway? I will more than likely post links to it on my twitter and instagram, but I barely have any followers there anyway, so who cares? I keep my shit pretty anonymous anyway, so i aint worried. I will change names to protect people I mention.

Anyways, if you do somehow find yourself reading this, a bit of fair warning…I am an emotional, overly senstive, mildly possessive, semi judgmental, obsessive romantic. I hate some of those traits sometimes, but I am learning to accept who I am at 33 years old. Everyday is a struggle. I also have a big heart and an enormous capacity for empathy. Anyways, there is that. So, ya know, stick around if you want. Or dont. Whatever.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck with typing it all out. You can do it! It will be informative to you to re-read everything. Blessings. – Grace

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