The dreaded SHOT TIME has finally arrived.  Pulled on 79 and I started to get really nervous.  Told the husband that he MUST HOLD MY HEAD.  Pulled in, parked, pit stop to pee, had hard time pushing the elevator button to the ground floor.  Yes the cancer center is on the bottom floor.  What is that all about.  Hide the sickos from the world.  Remember that rat’s ass I don’t care about.  Passed an older gentlemen who I remembered from yesterday’s chemo and he said ah here for your SHOT.  Just the word alone creeps me out.  Yes I reluctantly tell him.  He knew I was a basketcase.  I thought they would put me in a small lab room, you know privacy and all to do this dreadful deed.  OH NO they put me right in with the people getting chemo and I got my own “just cleaned recliner.  I didn’t dare recline for fear I would never be able to unrecline.  Next the usual stuff blood pressure, temp, heart rate, and whatever else they do.  The husband has to go out and get his life blood aka COFFEE.  The nurse comes in and I remembered her from yesterday.  Very nice and said she gives about 100 shots a day.  I really don’t want to be number 101 here but since I’m in this for the long haul I will try my best to cooperate.  There were some young girls getting chemo today in that room.  The one next to me looked at me and smiled. I smiled back wondering about her and what problems she was dealing with.  I asked for a glass of water and a Kleenex and for them to please close the curtain around my chair because I really didn’t want these people to see just how completely upset I was about this simple shot in the arm.  Now I’ve had needles and IV’s most everywhere and they don’t bother me at all.  BUT a shot in my arm and this lady is on the floor.  The nurse comes in and panic hits HARD.  I tell my husband to HOLD MY HEAD.  Well it wasn’t a needle I saw in her hand.  It was a freakin green PEN.  Help me here.  The tears started.  JUST THEN (now you knew something big REALLY BIG would happen when I was there don’t you.  The lady getting chemo in the chair on my other side (not the young girl) stopped BREATHING.  Holy shit.  Doctors came running, nurses came running, my nurse left, all curtains were closed around everyone’s chair.  I’m in tears.  Hell’s Bells HELP ME.  Finally another nurse comes in and delivers the dreaded SHOT.  The husband says you won’t even be able to count to five.  Nurse says put yourself at the beach (sorry not Erie Lynnsey).  Jesus’ is it over yet I say between the tears.  It’s been a hell of a lot longer than a count of 5.  OK all done.  Nurse tells me everybody has a fear like that and she has a fear of birds.  Birds I say.  Why I like birds.  I think I can stand up and guess what I DID.  Got high fives, thumbs up and cheers from the nurses in the monitoring room.  I guess everybody knew about the crazy lady who was scared to death of a shot in the arm.  That’s ok.  In case you missed it this time, I get to do it ALL OVER AGAIN IN 3 MORE WEEKS.  Will I cry next time.  Of course.   Had to make a Mickey D stop which I really didn’t want to do but my stomach felt empty.  Got the killer fries.  Ate the whole thing but wished I would of stopped at 5.  Eating habits are starting to change.  Also started to get a feeling like I may be getting a cold.  Giant Eagle stop for some Clairiton.  They told me I could take it for 3 days around the shot.  It helped.  No cold symptoms.  I also took a naproxen and no pain.  In all serious honesty I feel really good.  Plan on going to work tomorrow unless something unforeseen happens between now and tomorrow but I’m not expecting anything.  





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