My Shitty Parents

Some things that indicate I raised myself.

  1. I was left alone to BABYSIT my baby sister at age 4.
  2. I was left alone to BABYSIT both my siblings many times.
  3. I changed diapers of both my siblings who are 4 and 6 years younger than me. 
  4. I walked to my grandmother’s house, alone, down a busy road with no sidewalks, and coal trucks whizzing by, at age 4. 
  5. I played with a toy teakettle on the real stove at age 5. 
  6. I played unsupervised daily on a construction site next to my house when I was 5.
  7. No one ever told me it was time to go to bed, or to brush my teeth, or to do my homework. No one told me not to eat junk food. No one tucked me in at night or gave me a goodnight kiss. I was never hugged and kissed, never told “I love you.” No one told me what time to be in the house. 
  8. I taught myself to tie my shoe. My mother didn’t even know. She was telling someone that I didn’t know how, and I interrupted and said, “Yes I do,” and showed her.
  9. I spent my 16th birthday home alone. No cake, no presents, no family.
  10. My brother had to drive himself to ball practice when he was 12. 
  11. My sister almost died when she got ran over by a car when she was 14, drunk, high, and with a local white trash boy. 

One thought on “My Shitty Parents”

  1. Your parents had children but they didn’t want to be parents. It’s so hard when there is no feeling of being loved and cared for. They did not do that for you growing up but that doesn’t mean that you give up on yourself either. You are a wonderful person, you have been through so much. You can reach out and help other children that are going through the sames things you did growing up. Give to another person all those things that you never received, love, kindness, affection. You could be a big sister to someone and help them so much, and they in turn can help you.

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