My son..

When my prince was born he had a very traumatic entrance, he was also 3 weeks early. He got stuck in the birth canal and had to be suctioned/pulled out and also had the umbilical cord wrapped around his chest. He ended up in the NICU for 3 weeks. When we had his 4 month check up the other day his doctor told us that he could get cerebral palsy due to that very traumatic birth, or he could get some kind of small issue, or nothing at all. She told us that we won’t truly know if he will get it in the future, we just have to find out. I can’t imagine my baby having any kind of disabilities..she asked us questions on what he’s doing, and me being a first time parent, I feel that he’s doing fine, but I’m watching all these other baby’s around me and he isn’t close to what they’re doing, I really hope I’m just looking into it too much now that I know what my angel could go through next..he’s been through enough. He does not need a disability added to his issues he had for 3 weeks..  

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  1. You take it one day at a time.

    My son was sunny side up in the birth canal. He was unknowingly caught by his chin. I pushed for seven hours, but in reality, we never stood a chance. In the end he was born by emergency c-section when his heart decelled and stopped. The worst moment of my life.

    He was resuscitated. His infancy was a struggle. No one wanted to admit fault with the disabilities that plague him for life. He has cerebral palsy. I have learned to be okay with that. He’s 12 now. He didn’t speak a word til he was 4. To this day he can’t tie his shoes. His handwriting is worse than a doctors and yet, he’s smart and happy. We’ve just learned to do things differently when it comes to Bobo.

    So I understand your pain and your worries, but don’t put limits on him. I did, trying to be kind, and now Bobo is ultra lazy when it suits him. When I let him be, he always impresses me. This is his first school year without an I.E.P. He’s getting A’s and B’s. Sports may never be his thing. He’s so stinking smart though. He’s able to see 10 steps ahead (very strategic, very logical). He never feels sorry for himself.

    So when Bobo failed to talk on time, failed to crawl, failed to walk… I was crushed. Eventually I stopped the comparisons. It was difficult though because his baby sister is 16 months younger and she completed these milestones before her older brother – so it was literally in my face.

    But here I am 12 years later and I could care less. My son is perfect in my eyes. Your son is too. Every child marches to a song all their own.

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