Our Common Enemy

One may wonder, what would be the common enemy to all in the world ? Just think for a while and give an answer to oneself. Different person will have different answer to the above question. This comes into our mind because we are born in a different native land whereby in each country it will have their own culture, orthodox, language, believe, religion and etc.  Who does analyze such things, neither do i. It goes unnoticed to many. It is all coz we are bound to believe what our all ancestors did in our own region and we think that is the only way to survive in this modern world. 

Now, if some happen to read the above statement then you may have your own answer to the above question.  Well ! you did a great by answering to my above question. But for some you may be very much egar to read my answer, therefore, for them my answer to my aforementioned question will be as follows; 

Our common enemy in the world is to get a victory over our own hatred, anger, jealousy, hypocrisy, attachment, ignorance, greed, selfishness to oneself and etc. if one conquer all those which is have mentioned earlier then we will be free from sufferings and at the end there won’t be any dispute among the world leaders and people around the world. 

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