Perplexed, (i give props to who ever gets this)

  My cement high-rise, Inside I swelter,

tick, tick, a slaves time is to slow for a tock

Looking out this bay of plexi down on to the armored ants honking and beeping

with no time for a tock there is certainly no time to spare for the numbskull in front who ignores changing lights with heavy eyes.

Quick, slick, loafers swift drift alarm the daydreamer back to drudge

Tap, Tap, Tap an endless see of taps and the a space. tap, tap, space, enter.

Jazz Jiving servitude,

until just one final.. TICK!

A slight smirk of jubilance

Back to MY own armored ant and then MY hut in which where I collect MY keep



Armored ant, cement high-rise, porthole, drudge, Jazz Jive, TICK, armored ant, zzzzzzz, buzz



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