Rhemiell elogo.

As I grow older I’m starting to know the attitude I have, type of things I want/to do and my priorities in my life ..

While other people is so busy to become rich and successful all I wanted to do is to be happy and to help people, before my birthday which is last month I asked my mama if I can go back Philippines cause I want to donate stuff and feed homeless people on my birthday instead of buying things for myself and treat my friends to eat outside, I find it better than wasting for alcohol and sh*t. But as usual they didn’t allow me I never travel alone, neither with friends.

When I was in Phillippines I used to see people doing bad behaviour in front me yet I don’t react and just let things happen like people in market try to touch my ass, Drivers cat calling me, annoying jeep passengers who will ask me to give to the manong their bayad while I’m fucking far from the driver, mean girls who look at me one kind, Taxi Drivers who will bring me in a longer way, manicuristang ate try to murder my nails and too many to mention. I’m scared to tell them to stop doing this and that, I’m scared to say I know what you’re doing you better stop it now, as in right now. BUT NOW? Fuck yea! I told the lady who’s drinking milk tea inside the train that she shouldn’t drink inside there and point to the pictures of things you shouldn’t do inside the train, to the taxi driver to stop bringing me to longer way because I know the place, to the police I raised my middle finger after cat calling me and to the Chinese lady behind me while watching dead pool movie to stop kicking the chair because it’s fucking annoying.. I wasn’t a bad person after all :))

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