Who is Inanna?



“Inanna is the Queen of Heaven and Earth”

Inanna is a Mesopotamian / Sumerian deity, a goddess. She is one of the first Earthly Anunnaki offspring. Some associate her with Istar or Isis, but neither of those figure heads are the reincarnation of Inanna. Inanna is not a daughter of Adam.

She was a very passionate woman, although she always retained a youthful appearance. She had a very complex, dynamic personality that ranged from sensuous lover to fierce warrior. In ancient portrayals of her, she is pulled by lions on a chariot. While many of the ancient deities earned the title “Mother Goddess”, Inanna did not although she was referred to as “Morning Star”.

She is also closely associated with resurrection and reincarnation for she was able to travel to the Underworld and than back to Earth. It’s a fascinating, ancient myth. In fact, mentions of Inanna go as far back to some of the first ever recorded word.

Inanna was powerful as well as lustful. She conquered knowledge, reincarnation, amongst other sought powers. She was a lover as well as a warrior and renowned for both qualities equally.

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