I’m spoiled

How often these days can I sit back, reflect, and think “life is good”? Frequently. The funny thing is I mean it. My life is great. No, I am not famous (not that I want to be anyways). No, I’m not rich (not big into material stuff anyways). I have everything I need though. 

Today was especially great. Yes, I’m not into material things all that much, but sometimes a shopping trip is fun. I can’t deny it. The Man took me to the mall today and let me go nuts. Literally, I could get what ever I want. I secretly suspect there was no set limit on today’s free for all because The Man knows I can’t stand wasting money. He knew I’d get a few new outfits maybe a pair of shoes and that’d be it. He was right. I love my new clothes!!! And my new sneakers are so freaking comfortable. I had to wear my work sneakers all the time because my $8 pair of “what are those” family dollar wannbe converse were pretty much so ripped they were talking.

I have a sneaker fetish. I love those sporty shoes. I especially love big, puffy boy high types. I love Air Jordans… like walking on a cloud. I also really like Osiris’s, but they are a little hard to come by in the South. I have really small feet so I can either get woman’s sneakers (bleh… so NOT me) or I can fit into boy’s sizes. Yup. I buy kids shoes.

I have to admit, The Man telling me today was only about me really felt nice deep inside. I kept trying to get clothes he needs too, but he said not today. He even carried every single bag around the mall. Chivalry is not dead ladies!

So today I’m a spoiled brat. It’s okay for just one day… right?


4 thoughts on “I’m spoiled”

  1. Great attitude! Yes, it’s totally fine to be spoiled, especially since you don’t seem to spend a lot on yourself. How cool that The Man did that for you!! Enjoy your loot. 😀

  2. Oh yay! I need your expertise! I own two pairs of shoes, exactly. One pair of 10.00 wal mart slip on makeshift sneakers that I wear to work, and one pair of flip flops.

    That’s it. I hate shoes. I like to be barefoot.

    I’m on my feet all of the time, and I have a terrible back. I need to buy a new pair of shoes to work in (I’m constantly lifting, moving, and rearranging people, on my feet 12 hours at a time ect) What do you recommend?

    Nike’s don’t feel good on my feet. I think they’re to narrow?

    I don’t know enough about other shoes to even compare, and all “new” shoes seem to feel uncomfortable until you break them in a bit.

  3. If you’re down for dropping way too much money on foot gear, Air Jordons are the way to go. It’s like wearing slippers encased in a sneaker. I use to justify the price because they are practically indestructible. They last for years.

    If you don’t like Nike’s, you’ll hate adias. I have tiny, narrow little feet so I have no issues with them. While I hate the look and color selection of them, New Balance make a good product. If you’re on your feet, get the ones made for runners. Just be forewarned you’ll look like your running a marathon in Carnival. My mom has osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, but insists on walking her dog every day. She swears up and down that New Balance are where it’s at.

    Also I like stretchers. Their a decent product and I love the style. They are a bit more sturdy than vans. Again, I love them and think they’re comfy, but they aren’t for everyone.

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