Do you know the feeling of being misunderstood?? Me? ALWAYS.. in almost every little thing I say, and do is misunderstood.. they always get me wrong.. and I hate it..  sometimes I’m tired of defending myself.. I just let them think what they want to think about me sometimes.. even if it’s wrong.. what’s the point of defending myself? They still won’t listen to me. They still won’t believe me.. they won’t even care.. they’ll just believe Themselves anyway.. so why should I bother to explain myself? I will be wasting my effort for nothing.. 

I really don’t like weekends that much.. or staying home.. 

I guess this will be it for tonight.. I’m still trying to have good vibes before I go to sleep..


One thought on “Misunderstood..”

  1. I’m sure there’s someone out there who doesn’t misunderstand you Ashen. Maybe you just don’t realize it. And if there’s truly not, I’m sure there will be soon. You’ll make it through this rough time period, I just know it. I believe in you.

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