The way his smile would cover any wounds from my body made me drawn to him, his words were was i had been trying to say all along. he understood my demons..he was like a drug.

I wanted him to be mine forever but i guess i wasn’t good enough for forever.

He told me that he would be here forever and hold me until the morning where my demons weren’t quite as strong and loud but we both knew they were still there.

He always told me i was the girl of his dreams..well one day, i guess he decided to wake up.

“loosing you was like loosing myself” she would sob as the demons screamed his name hopping for him to come back because even he, could soothe them.

the blades of him, found themselves to my wrist. cutting his name into my soul where they would be imprinted forever.

“i never wanna let you go” then why did you do it? why cant i be good enough? why did you love me and then leave like everyone else?

i take my last brethe, i cry my last tear, i yell my last yell, and i break my last time before i close my eyes hopping to dream forever where YOU are still mine

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