Harry potter marathon

Well here I am again, starting yet another journal.  It’s kind of cool that opening up a new word document and starting a new journal has become a daily thing. So I guess I should start talking about myself now.

I woke up this morning early and got ready for church and everything. I made my coffee and I left for church. I went to my classroom and my teacher told me that he was telling people about me not too long ago. My first reaction was “oh, well that’s not a good thing” and he assured me that it was only positive things. He told me later on what he has said to the people. I’m not going to tell yall what he said to them but it did cheer me up a bit. Not that I was in a bad mood or anything but it did make me kind of happy to hear that somebody was talking about me in a positive way.

So during my lesson today he said that he would be scared to be a teenager in these days just because everything is so bad. In all honesty it is kind of scary if you think about it. I mean the world is in complete chaos. Just look at the news, everything is all negative. When do you ever see something positive on the news? But I don’t want to dive into that topic because I would rather stay positive.

So this weekend is the harry potter marathon and this makes me happy because harry potter makes up my entire childhood. I literally canceled all of my plans with friends to watch the marathon. I don’t even care tbh because I can go out with friends anytime I want. Harry potter is worth it. I still get excited for the marathons even though I have all the movies and all of the books. I’m actually reading all the books again. I just finished the third one Friday so that means I’m starting the 4th one tomorrow. The fourth one is easily my favorite just because it’s the triwizard tournament. I mean who doesn’t love it? It is so actioned packed   and suspenseful.

It is such a beautiful day outside. There are very few if any clouds in the sky and the sun is shining brighter than ever. I would like to be outside but harry potter… I am probably going to go to Crowders Mountain today with some people today. I feel like I should be outside but I was out all day yesterday so today should be a somewhat relaxed day.

I never mentioned the bonfire last night. I had a blast throughout the night. I talked with some amazing friends and told and heard some funny and interesting stories. I go to a lot of bonfires but this one was different because everybody wasn’t running around and everything but we all talked peacefully. Of course some people were running around playing games but I would rather chill and enjoy the time that I have around the people that I care about.

So I kind of want to write a long journal but it’s hard to do that when you don’t want to go into a touchy topic because you don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings. So all I really have to talk about is my day. I suppose I can go into a touchy subject but I would rather not at the moment. So I guess I will just stick to 600 something words.

Well that’s about it for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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