My Favourite View

The picture here is of Mount Cheam as seen from my gate, here in the small town of Agassiz, BC.

Here are a couple of links that tell the Cheam First Nation’s story about this mountain & the others that, along with this, form the group called “The Four Sisters:”

Mount Cheam, Lady Peak (aka “Dog Face”), & Mount Baker (a volcano down in Washington State) are my three favourite mountains, & that’s saying a lot since I love mountains. When I grew up in Abbotsford, BC (about a 30 minute drive from where I live now), Mount Baker was a common view. Growing up here in the Fraser Valley, which is part of BC’s Lower Mainland, you see mountains all the time since they surround us.

As much as I loved Saskatchewan when I was out there in its flatness for four years of college, I had to return to this area, partly because I missed the mountains a lot. The prairies are beautiful, as is the Arctic (where I’ve also lived), but give me the eastern Fraser Valley over them any time! The Fraser River is “my” river & I have to be near water, trees, & mountains to truly feel at home.

Happily, Harrison Lake is also nearby, at only a ten minute drive away, & so I can be at the southern end of that long body of water quite quickly if I feel it calling to me.

Nature is quite important to me, & my love of it is a key part of who I am & what I need. I’d suffer without having it as part of my life. Part of me would pine away & whither, & that’s not good. I could never live in a city. I don’t mind visiting them, but I thrive in the country, such as here in my small town, & in nature. It’s just an essential part of me.

I could live in the nearby small city of Chilliwack since it’s in the country & it doesn’t take long at all to get out to fields & true nature & such, but it also doesn’t have a city feel to it, aside from how traffic gets there sometimes.

Overall, though, I’m happy here in Agassiz, especially with the view as seen in the picture above as I leave home to do stuff most days. 

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