Sheer Exhaustion

I’m an empath, and an altruist. Both to a fault. If you don’t know what one or either are because you aren’t familiar with the terminology that’s okay. It basically means that I not only feel what others emanate energy-wise, but I also put them first, often leading to my own suffering and draining myself to a point that I feel faded, unreal and lost. 

Sometimes, I can be surrounded by a crowd of dozens or more and I feel alone. Completely, utterly, devastatingly alone. I’m loved and cared for by those that matter, except myself and therein lies the conundrum. 

I have an issue setting boundaries, and the word ‘no’ without an explanation simply doesn’t happen in my world. Until lately.  
I’m starting a journey of caring for myself, a journey of becoming a better, healthier, more enlightened version of me and it’s requiring quite a bit of work – the issue is that it makes other people unhappy and therefore I feel as if I need to continue doing what they need me to so that I don’t disappoint them. It’s a vicious cycle and I am worn out, something has to give and this time it won’t be my time for self. 

I have to be selfish temporarily so that I can do better for others and myself permanently. It still doesn’t make this process any less complicated or exhausting. 


Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it. 

3 thoughts on “Sheer Exhaustion”

  1. Best of luck !!! I’ll send my positive energies your way. Here’s to health, happiness, and the pursuit of self-care. I’m with you, thank you, again.

  2. Aww! Thank you so much and for your great words in response to my comment. I just wanted to you know that there really is a world of people out here who “get it.” We really do, and we support it. So keep at it! Oh and of course I’d like to hear your musics or read your words anytime! 🙂

  3. Hi fellow empath here! I can totally relate to what you’re saying. Reverse empathy is a less common skill of empaths, so I’m hoping you realize that it’s actually a gift (you have the ability to create calm, peace, etc). It just takes some work and focus. I do have some tips for blocking if that’s an area of trouble for you.

    My suggestions for your pursuit to happiness – find positive, high test energy. Hanging out near a waterfall works great for me. There’s nothing wrong with taking sometime to uplift yourself. It is necessary.

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