Okay.. So there’s this chick that I can NOT stand- like I fucking hate her… Okay that’s a little harsh, I EXTREMELY DISLIKE the bitch (I think the caps gave it a little something extra, right?) 

lets just call her schmandrea and she’s the single most ridiculous childish idiot on the effing planet. 

Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem for me, I see fucktards all the time, and just avoid interacting with them. But see that method doesn’t work if you get smushed together for a work project where you have to work directly with them. Bitch. Don’t. Do. Shit. Then she tries to act like her computer is messed up and that’s why she hasn’t done shit. 

See, they put us together because they want her to learn from me… Or at least that’s what my boss and his boss said when I was like- please boss anyone else. (Could just be bs and that they don’t want to deal with her… Guess I’ll never know) but my bosses are retarded because this bitch don’t listen to me… She thinks I need to listen to her- when she’s doing shit wrong might I add- and this bitch hates me just as much as I hate her… She’s always acting superior and trying to make it seem like she’s favored among our coworkers and I’m just sitting over here like… Umkay.. Cause she gets on everyone’s nerves… She’s got one friend and that person talks about her like a fucking dog… She’s constantly copying my every move and then trying to talk to me about her sex life and I swear she rapes my ear about some new bullshit every damn day. 

now I told you all that to tell you this…

she sent a txt to the wrong person one day. 

A friend of mine…

and it was a photo…

of her…..

wearing a black leather corset, a dog collar, and handcuffs… Sitting on her knees… 



i can’t even. 


I hate ate her so much less now… 

No, actually I don’t, but that’s fucking hilarious. 

Im such an evil bitch sometimes. 

I shouldnt bask in someone else’s embarrassment but that’s some funny shit. 

It’s literally going to see me through the end of this project, I swear. 


2 thoughts on “Californication”

  1. LMFAO…that would see me thru for sure . Used to have a bitch that about ruined my life at work for awhile…fortunately we have been at a truce level for many years and I know better than to kick a snake in the grass. Girl I feel for ya

  2. I can’t stop thinking about it- hence the online journal purge- I want to jump up and down screaming hahahahahaha you’re a kinky slut! But I can’t and I just wear this grin and ppl keep asking me whatsup with it and I’m just like… Oh, nothing…lmgdao.

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