Crying Over Fictional Characters

Raise your hand if you’ve ever cried for a fictional character.

I mean, it’s embarrassing and stupid and silly but! I cry every time I think of Rue dying in The Hunger Games, Fred, Tonks, Sirius, Remus, and a bunch of other people dying in Harry Potter, and countless friends and companions of the Doctor’s dying in Doctor Who. Every time. Every single time. And it’s so so so stupid, I know, but I’ll start tearing up for all of the characters in Pixar films–I cried during Toy Story 3!!

It’s like fictional characters are my friends, you know? Like, they’ve been through a lot with me–that kind of feeling–and it physically hurts when I think about them dying. Lily and James Potter were not alive during one second of the entire Harry Potter series, yet I still have to wipe away tears when I think of their last moments, because they were twenty-one and so good and so brave and so in love and they had a son and they didn’t deserve to die–

And I cry when people write those fancanons of George coping with Fred’s death, because HOW could you DESTROY my FEELINGS like this?!

And when I think of Tonks–Tonks with her clumsiness and her different noses and her shocking pink hair–think of her dying, dying with Remus, and leaving behind her precious infant son, I can’t help but think it’s like James and Lily dying all over again.

And Katniss singing to Rue. That breaks me apart.

This was just a very brief description of how I cry over people who have never existed. It’s stupid and it clearly shows I’m rather emotionally unstable, but god, if your childhood was spent with Harry Potter the way mine was, you’ll understand.

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  1. Catharsis…crying over fictional characters is good for you. We all have sorrow to get out. Sounds crazy but will help you learn to grieve when you need to. At my age I often avoid sad endings…the tragic stuff in fiction when I can. Lost too much in the real world I guess. Anyhow go ahead and cry…I think it’s healthy!

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