Day 10 – Drawing and Studying For Tests

Sunday, March 6th 2016

Never have I been happier to take an art class. We used ink today, something I’ve been wanting to give a try for a while now and I love how my drawings turned out. During my art classes I’ve drawn subjects that I used to think I was awful at, but with a few tips here and there, I was able to show my full potential and see how good I can actually be with just a bit of practice, which makes me feel more confident in making a portfolio for the college I want to attend. Although I missed one class on self portraits, I have learned a couple of tips while making the self portrait with watercolour paint. I have one class left and I don’t plan on missing it, especially because my teacher has a few of my drawings and one awful painting that I just hate (it’s not watercolour, the proportions and colours are all wrong, I don’t plan on finishing it).

Other than that, nothing else interesting happened. I have been studying for the math test mostly, because although it’s the easiest subject for me, I became way too comfortable with it and it’s dropping my grades. I used to be able to go through math with 4s (or As, or in the 90% depending on your grading system) without studying all that much and just doing my homework, but then I became way too confident and stopped doing part of my homework and now they’re getting low. I went from 103% (3% from bonus question) to 65%. But I did manage to get back to 78% last quiz, making me a class average. I would have had 100% if I didn’t forget to write down the conclusion (got 2.5/3 instead for the question) and if I did y, x+1 and x+2 instead of y, x, x+1 for another. There weren’t many questions on the quiz, so that one alone already took off a good portion.

But I’m sure I’ll be fine if I start working hard enough. I took university level next year so it’ll push me to work harder. I studied for the science test and I got everything right other than forgetting to balance the equation or doing the wrong question in the textbook accidentally, but that’s because I was in a rush. For the English test it’s just what you know on the book and the teacher already told us what will be on the test, so I wrote down most answers such as dystopian characteristics and links to a short story. We read The Chrysalids and I made a link with The Waters of Babylon since they both rely on religious control as a dystopian characteristic. I might also work on my featured article after I finish some more math. It’s only due Tuesday at 9pm, so I could wait for Tuesday and in french class while working with the chromebooks, instead of working on my project I could finish up the featured article, because I already finished my project. I might at least finish the draft tomorrow first in case something happens.

That’s all for today.

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