Day 11 – Tests

Monday, March 7th 2016

Today hasn’t been more interesting than the last.

I’ve finish my quiz and tests I had today. The math test went fine; my answers looked alright, but they didn’t feel right, so I have no idea what my result may be. For science, I was the first one done, so early in fact that no one else was finished and our teacher had to give extra time for everyone to finish, but I don’t blame them cause she did give us unexpected questions. But it was funny, because she almost changed my correct answers to the wrong one. I went up to her and asked if my answer to the question that required for me to write something in specific is the type of answer she wanted, but she said no and that she wanted something else. So I went to my seat and starting writing something else, but then she followed me and saw what I was writing then said it wasn’t that either, so we ended up going to the back of the class to discuss about it until she said “Oh no wait, you had it right.”

For English, it was the first ever time I did a test on the computer. I finished first once again, but tied with someone else. That’s because I type very quickly, but that probably caused my answers to be a little off topic, at least I don’t think so. Hopefully not.

Yeah, so today wasn’t the most interesting day, but I don’t always need my days to be interesting. I think it was more successful than anything else.

I just had a vibrating noise in my right ear, as if it was a very rapid heartbeat or if a motor was inside of it. Weird…

That’s all for today.

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