Day 2

So, I lied. I took more than just one day off from journaling, very disappointed in myself for slacking, but it was a busy week in the office and at home. 

So back to where I left off, hopefully. My boyfriend and I both grew up in the same town in Iowa, and our parents went to school together. He is a few years older than me and I always thought he was attractive, just never thought I was his type. Well after my ex-husband and I split he asked me out on a date. We grabbed a couple of drinks and then I dropped him off at a friends after, and we shared a nice hug goodnight. After that I never really wanted to hang with him again, I felt that he was to good for me and I thought that he came off as a player. So this was back in March and we both ended up dating other people. Then one weekend I was staying with the guy I was dating and we went to a MMA fight, and there he was fighting. I couldn’t believe it. I went up and talked to him and then a month or so later we ended up dating one another. Things went really well and we fell hard for one another. He wasn’t working at the time so he actually ended up babysitting my 1.5 year old for me while I worked. This was awesome because he was able to really bond with my son(from my previous marriage). My son was not much for men because his biological dad never really spent much time with him, but he grew to like my boyfriend right away, and he has been raising him since. About a month or so into our relationship I got pregnant, and it was a TOTAL shocker, but we were both super happy. Through out this pregnancy my boyfriend drank A LOT. He was very emotional, mentally and at times he got physically abusive towards me. It really ran me down mentally, as I had never been in a relationship like this before. He had been treated for bipolar disorder and the doctors were trying all sorts of med, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually throughout this time I became very distant to him, which in turn made him think I was messing around on him, which I wasn’t, I just became very emotionally detached from him. In July of 2012 I gave birth to our son, he was a blessing in disguise. Things got super good for us for quite some time after he was born. We were a complete family and we were happy. Then my boyfriend started drinking again. At this point I would speak my mind to him and let him know that I didn’t want that around the kids, mostly because he would drink to the point of intoxication and be come angry and want nothing to do with any of us. He eventually started pulling away and we split for a month or so. We couldn’t stay apart for long, something always seems to pull us back together.

Until next time! 


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