I’m a second choice for most people.  I mostly let it slide because I don’t want to make a big fuss about it and cause drama.  But seriously, it gets old.  So, after about the tenth time my friend ditched me in a time period of about two months, I confronted her and told her how I felt. Before I explain what when down, let me set the stage…My friend and I planned to hang out on Monday after class.  We were just going to chill, watch some movies, gossip, whatever.  I was looking forward to hang out but near the end of the day, before class was out, she told me she had other plans with other people from school (who I was also friends with).  I don’t know why I got so upset because it happens all the time, but when she told me she wasn’t coming over, I kind of yelled “Fine, don’t bother making plans with me anymore because I feel like you don’t ever want to actually hang out”. Super dramatic, I know… When I got home from class she texted me and asked if she could come over later in the evening and I told her “That doesn’t make sense because it’ll be too late on a school night, and by the way thanks for ditching me once again”.  She claims she didn’t actually ditched me, but I looked up the definition of ditching on Urban Dictionary and….”To ditch somebody is to leave them behind without warning”. She didn’t warn me either, she just told me she had other plans.  After I sent her that, she told me to grow up and that really got to me because I felt like she was the one being childish by not admitting she was ditching me.  I honestly can’t believe how crazy our conversation got from there. All I wanted to do was tell my friend that I didn’t like the way I was being treated and it just blew up in my face.  I was called childish, self-centered, a bitch, and a freak by someone who I thought was a friend. I tried to explain that I felt unwanted and left out whenever she went off to do something else when we already had plans, and how those actions were affecting me in a negative way, but I guess she felt like I was attacking her.  Maybe I was, but it was hard to get my point across when all her responses went like “grow up”, “stop making this about you”, or “I’ve never ditched you”. So that was a fun night for me.  It made me feel like I should never bring up how I’m actually feeling about something to anyone I’m close with, but thats what friends are for, right? They are there to show you who actually cares about you and who is honest with you. 

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  1. Hi Nadia. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with your friend. Relationships can be very hard, very demanding; but worth it. Or they can be NOT worth it. You don’t need the drama, it sounds like. I hope it works out okay one way or the other. Blessings to you. – Grace

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