So many things spin around in my brain…I guess we are all like that.  I have tons of essay topics.  Still thinking about my dear mom a lot.  Almost want to so a series about life with mom.  God, I loved her sooo much.  I still cannot believe how fortunate I was.  If my finances would have been better, if Dave hadn’t kicked me to the curb etc. I would have stayed in Ohio!  I would have missed this last decade with her.  I thank God every day it happened for me like this I wouldn’t trade a precious moment.

Now mind you…the flowerly talk may to some folk make it seem all roses.  It wasn’t.  Mom declined gradually and at the end she was helpless as a baby.  Slowly taking things over for her, from transportation to complete care was not easy.  It was damn hard.  But I gotta say it was a blessing and a duty and the right thing to do.  Well and this isn’t very lyrical and I doubt most the young folk will truly understand but today I’m just thankful and glad to be me.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. It is beautiful that you are thankful you got to care for your mother. You must have loved her very, very much. Taking care of an aging and sick parent is exhausting. God gave you strength, must have. Remember, dear, that love never ends. (I Corinthians 13)
    so you will see your mom again, and in your heart she is still with you now loving you.
    probably praying for you and appreciating all the good care you gave her. God bless you. – Grace

  2. I think I understand where you’re coming from. Having a parent dependent on you must have its truly trying moments. Take pride in yourself that you are an amazing son! I hope your hard work comes round full cycle.

  3. I don’t really understand, that’s true. But I see a shadow of my future played out with my mother and grandmother. I see how it hurts her to watch her mother loose her memory and balance. I don’t know any better, of course. To me, she’s always been old. And when she dies, I don’t think I’ll be so shocked. I’ll miss her, but not the way I’ll miss my mother someday.

  4. Ah thank you ladies…and I’m not a good son…I’m her daughter…it’s my brother who was the good son! LOL. It is interesting too in that as much as we loved her…it was about more than that, it was also about duty…and I know folks for years would tell my brother how great he was and he was like…no what else could I do? I don’t know. Thank you for getting it.

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