I promise to love those who try with success, who try with failure, who fall and get back up, and those who inspire others to do the same.

I promise to prove in the wake of terror that I will not be afraid

I promise not to only accept who I am but to also accept that I can change.

I promise to live the life I want my children to live.

I promise to take no life for granted, whatever their choices.

I promise to accept that everyone makes mistakes in my eyes including myself.

I promise to understand that success is only measured by how much I have changed as a person.

I promise to understand that hate is just a misunderstanding and not a lifestyle .

I promise to smile at everyone I meet because one smile can express so much happiness.

I promise to not focus on the end of my life but focus on the life I will lead until the end.

I promise to be equal and respectful to all walks of life because diversity helps me grow and learn.

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