Watched channel 13 special on love songs host Susan Lucci.  Made me nostalgic.  Loads of memories.  Hey I was THERE. 

Had to write this down while it is fresh on my mind.  I suppose that feeling in my stomach is hunger pangs.  I ate some.  A hard boiled egg, ½ banana, finished that pumpkin pie piece from last night, an ensure, about 2 sips of gatoraid and lastly just a small chicken thigh from deli at giant eagle.  Here is my way to explain it.  Imagine someone pouring poison or acid in your mouth.  Burning, unreal taste.  That’s IT.  Describes this to a tee.  My way anyway.  Stomach feels empty.  I just don’t know.  How much longer.  That is the question.  The million dollar one.  Sorry mom for the feeding tube at the end of your life.  You didn’t want it.  You knew.  We didn’t understand.  Couldn’t understand.  To us they were starving you.  How could they do THAT.  How could they do that to a human being.  At least not OUR MOM.  We had to protect you.  Sorry we didn’t understand.  I think I do a little bit now.  A little explanation.  Very little.  Eating is a pleasure.  Thanks psych classes.   

Dear brother, thanks for the download probably about foods that fight this but hey I have an old fart phone with the web turned off.  Why?  Because I am an Old FART that’s why.  Consumer Cellular.  Works for me.  Send it to my email.   Tomorrow’s goal is to help son with cover letters and thank yous.  Can’t believe it’s going on 8 already.  Why can’t my time at work go this fast.  HUH.  Legs feel atrophied.  Is that a word?  You know lacking muscle strength.  Doesn’t happen after only 1 day in bed though.  My tongue isn’t fitting in my mouth quite right.  I am like totally aware of IT. 

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