Night Sky

There’s a place I’d like to show you.

It’s somewhere new to see.

The lights never go out, and you’ll never go unseen.

My dear, it’s known as the night sky.

We can look for the heavens, and seek our loved ones.

The stars will always lead our way, we can reach for eternity.

Darkness is welcomed, but not of fear.

Please join me under the night sky.

Let us lay in the grass, and close our eyes.

My dear your safe right here.

As we hold hands, the lights will continue to shine, jealous of our love.

Have faith in me, and in the night sky.

I’ll keep you safe, and help you see, how loving the night can be.

Don’t be afraid, just lay right here.

Leave everything else behind.

Remember it’s just you and me, and sweet serenity,

Of the Night Sky

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