I am not feeling well today.. I had to go home right after school coz I can’t stand it.. but I’m better now.. 

We had the results of our exams today.. I was surprised by my score in mapeh coz I only had 1 mistake.. on economics I was one of the people who got the highest score in our class.. though it was not that high.. on english.. i got the 2nd highest score..on Filipino I was not satisfied with my score.. and so is my science.. though I expected it.. but I was still a bit sad on my score in science.. coz in the past 3 grading periods I always got the highest scores though I’m not really aiming for it.. but it’s fine.. on other subjects I don’t know yet.. but I hope I won’t be sad about it.. 

I’m in a hurry so I gotta end this.. I will be sleeping early tonight.. it’s a serious goal.. 

One thought on “Results..”

  1. It’s good you care about your grades, but don’t let a mediocre grade drag you down. All your grades sound good. Remember, perfection is only an illusion. Relax a little, and do go to bed early. Peace and grace to you.

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