Choosing my battles

This may seem completely silly a few days or weeks or even months from now but this is something that is bothering me currently and I want to get it out of my chest. Jeez. I don’t think anyone is reading this so why am I even explaining myself here? Anyway, my roommate’s mom is here since the past month to babysit his freaking 26-year old ass and it is driving me crazy. I did not sign up for this when I agreed on him living in my apartment. She isn’t even paying 1/3rd of the rent. Her sole reason for visiting is to make sure he freaking studies and graduates on time given the kind of loser that he is. Anyway, I should stop making an effort to talk to him unnecessarily. My roommate and my relationship should be strictly platonic and follow these rules:

  • Do not discuss personal matters with him, he is not your best friend 
  • He did deceive you at the beginning so he does not deserve anything more from me
  • Don’t leave notes – text to avoid conversations 
  • Wake up early and leave soon
  • Don’t be rude but be smart and subtle 

These may seem super lame but will get me through the days in peace. Namaste.

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