okay, so I’m sort of talking to two guys. One is married and in the middle of an ugly divorce, who hasn’t even kissed me…. the other is in a loveless relationship with a woman he has dated for the last 10 years but she refuses to sleep with him… Not that I have slept with him- we’ve at least kissed tho and let me just tell you, the man can kiss. Phew. 

I’ve never talked to more than one guy at the same time before. Ever. And I’m not sure I like it. I can’t keep their conversations straight.. 

Theres also another guy that I’m not really talking to who wants to fuck me. He also has a GF, what is it with guys wanted something outside of what they have, like, if you ain’t happy end it?!?!

2 thoughts on “Scandalous”

  1. Oh sweetie…first I see nothing wrong with talking to two guys, or three or six…as long as you’re single, you’re not in a committed relationship with them and they know this. And obviously it isn’t a committed relationship because they are “committed” to someone else.
    Secondly find someone who is available! Who doesn’t have a wife or a girlfriend! Seriously that will only lead to pain…for you…no judgment going on here doll just saying you are better than somebody’s second choice.

  2. I will just leave this here.

    No woman should ever feel the need to go after more than one guy at a time, especially not any who claim to be in a relationship or especially ones that are married.
    Every woman deserves better than that and even though I do not know you, I would say you know that what your doing is below you.
    Find a single man who doesn’t have any extra baggage. Do not go after men who are already taken.
    I am not implying this, but going after men who are in relationships has the tendency to make you look desperate. (Don’t worry, I did the same thing before I met my Mr. Right)
    You do not deserve to be anyone’s choice other than their first.

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