This is me….

So this is it…. After years of not being able to say my say I’m going to finally just let it all out!

Who I am now is because of what I’ve experienced in Life, it’s not all bad, there is good too. Yet somehow the bad left scars that influence my decisions, sometimes also my experiences now.

The urge to one day write about myself and my life has been chasing me like a demon for years…. 

Nobody has to like me or what I write about, I’m doing this so I can be free of all that has been holding me back, just getting it all out and finally cleansing myself is all I hope to achieve….

So buckle up Buttercup, this is one ride you will never forget! 

I’m a divorced single mum of 2 beautiful children, my life isnt what I hoped it to be but I am grateful…

I live, breathe, speak and do everything with Passion, I do not know any other way.

I live for better days with less hardship and more happiness…

I come from Tough times, and somehow I never really left it…

No matter how long it takes me, I am going to go back and relive my Life through memories and incidents, people and places, I want it all out so I have space for all that is to come….

Perhaps this is what I need to turn my life around for the better… I’ve tried everything else…

To be continued….


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