And here i am again almost ready to go to bed. Some hours ago i felt as sleepy as i couldnt continue my studies and i feel something unpleasant as usual…i let myself sleep now cause i know having enough rest determines the quality of my studies and i really want to forever remember things i learn now and not only till exams…

tomorrow we dont have school. It’s happy news for me , i will have more time to study and i must use it up …there is only 3 whole months till exams ..i’m not scared just i want to be excellently ready when it starts..

and tomorrow is Tuesday )) my favourite day.. I have math class additionally on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.. I look forward to them everyday and that 2-hour studying seems so little for me that i dont even want to go back home….

if only i werent tired, if only it could possible to live well without sleep i know i would definitely spend all my days on learning…i want i do want to see my excellent scores finally in August..i wanna be among top-result’s owners . Cause it’s my future life, my future profession , my future field of study …i cant leave my work without getting all my efforts into it ! 

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