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New day. Always new opportunities. I meditated this morning. Something I have been neglecting. It is really necessary. It just starts the day off on a good note. I usually use short guided meditations I find on youtube. I search “meditations for positivity” or something like that. There are a lot of good ones out there. I always find something that fits.

Eating was more in control yesterday. And so far today. I was very busy after work yesterday. Less opportunity to stuff my face (stuff my feelings).

Doctor’s appts yesterday. S for his ADD meds. Good visit with the doc. We are increasing the dose of Ritalin as expected. He’s had good days and not so good days. I can’t say bad days. He never really has bad days. Just days that staying on task and transitioning from one thing to the next is difficult.

Eye doc for D. Her eyes has shifted a little as expected. She’s got a lot of growing to do. We didn’t get new glasses yet. It’s only been 6 mos. She lost her glasses last week. Still looking for that pair – which will suffice for now. If they don’t turn up soon, we’ll go the cheap (mail order) route for new glasses until next school year.

S was fixated on learning magic tricks last night. He found a magician on youtube that he thought was awesome. He spent hours trying the tricks. Very cute. Very good way to spend his time.

D is having some difficulty with school work. She gets really upset when we talk to her about her grades. She doesn’t want to be wrong. She doesn’t want to have to ask for help. We are trying to get her to understand that it’s important to ask for help. She’s a good student. She puts in a lot of effort. She makes some careless mistakes though. 

Good things with D – she wants to go to sleep away camp this summer. S decided he wants to go this year. We tried to convince D to go too. She was having non of it. Until she came to the decision herself. So they are both registered for the same week in July. The camp is not far from home. But far enough that it will be an adventure for them. And the week will be a little vacation for H and me 🙂

D has blossomed socially a bit as well. She talks of other kids in school more. I think she’s branching out. Keep blossoming my sweet girl!

My parents have migrated back from the south. They are doing very well. I thank our maker every day for their continued excellent health. In their early 80’s and doing great!  

Life is good.

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