Adulting Life

Sitting here on a Tuesday morning, surrounded by dirty washing that needs to be done, a messy house from my cat and puppy having no consideration of space and their size, a printer that has just run out of ink, so I can’t print anything for uni, bills are piling up and my bank balance is getting even lower. It’s a Tuesday morning and I am just not ready to face the world, I don’t want to sit in this house for yet another day, doing uni work and house work. When did my life become this monotonous and boring? When did I make the change from being a happy, do-whatever twenty something year old to this almost twenty five year old who has to pay bills and could not even be bothered adulting this morning so my hair remains wet and in a top knot.

Aren’t you meant to feel like this when you’re like forty something? When did twenty five become the new forty?

I’ve never really been a fan of writing, but here I am. I have no job, I’ve just moved to a different part of the state (again) for my partner, I now live in a small town where I know no one and my family and friends live four hours away. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful boyfriend and to have a roof over my head and to have in my opinion two extremely gorgeous fur babies. But sometimes a girl can’t help but just feel like this right? Is it hormones? Shark week? Am I pregnant? Oh the wonderful joys of being a woman!

So many things on the mind that I just can’t switch it off. I’ve applied for so many jobs over the last month, but haven’t heard back from any, every time my phone rings I get excited and answer it all formal like “Hello, Georgia speaking…………..No I am not interested in a mortgage plan!” *Slams phone down*

We’re having my partner’s family over for dinner tonight, so while I know I have to clean the house and make it nice for guests, can I be bothered? No! Should I be doing my uni work? Probably! Will I just end up watching TV and eating way to much? YEP!

Another day in the life of a twenty five year old woman trying to work out how to adult. 

2 thoughts on “Adulting Life”

  1. You can do it. It gets better in the thirties and forties and even beyond! My house is stilly messy and smells like my golden retriever, but I am in a loving relationship with my wonderful husband. Don’t get discouraged. Do one small thing toward your goal,. Then do the next thing. Then take a break and watch TV and eat. Then do another small thing….etc. I hope your dinner goes splendidly. And your life!

  2. Ah my friend Grace is such an encourager! I was going to say nobody wants to adult! LOL Seriously I’m 63 and I’m really not that keen on it most of the time. At the moment my house and the family member’s office I help with and the house we need to clean out…all disasters. I will face it…like grace said a little at a time. But right now I have the chance to work over time so I’m working like 10 and 11 hour days and then another half day at something else on Sat…so it can wait! I would love to be home without a job! You are okay sweet pea…a lovely normal creature.

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