Beer and exercise.

Sometimes, I feel like that’s my whole life. I love beer. I love food. I love chocolate. I really love food. I actually just finished a nice blonde beer from Appalachian Brewery in Boone, NC. Very delicious.

I also love running. I love the feeling of pushing myself and working up a good sweat. I love the feeling of being in shape. I like watching the scale go down and knowing that I’m at my high school weight. It’s stupid and shallow and I know that it doesn’t really matter, but I love when I see friends from school and college and I’m the smallest one there. I love the feeling when my hubby can wrap his hands around my waist and touch his fingertips together. (To be fair, he has really big hands too!) I love all that. 

Maybe I so work out too much. I run most everyday during my lunch break. Even the days I don’t run, I walk up and down the steps, 3 flights up and 3 flights down, so that I meet my step goal. I love watching my calories and recording how much water I drink a day. 

So yes, I have a problem. I like beer, food and working out. 

I also like tacos. 

One thought on “Beer and exercise.”

  1. I don’t think being mindful of what &how much you eat and how it affects your weight is a problem lol. Enjoy your beer, eat and exercise all you want! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying how good you look either. You’re not hurting anyone or yourself by your actions soo… Where’s the problem?

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